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Some people might not think that emo is a fashion statement but it is, you can tell who is emo by the way that they dress, do thier hair and just by they accessorys they have.

Its not like you are going to see any emo kid dressing like a prep or cowboy. So yes emo is very fashionable and it seems that a trend is happening with the emo community, you might call some of them posers just beacuse they dress this way to be cool or maybe to gain that emo label.

Common hair styles
The emo haircut, not all but alot of emo's have black hair, probaly because it matches most of their clothes. The emo guy hair style thats is most common, wearing your hair not too long but past the ears and have it pulled over an eye. I know there are alot more ways for guys to wear thier hair but i think that is the most popular choice of hair style at the time.

Girls, girls, girls.... we all know that there are so many ways that we can do our hair and its great sometime but not always. One popular choice is to wear your hair down and over one eye. If you have short hair I see alot of girls wear it with clips pulling it back in all cute styles. Another hott look is to be two toned with one color on top and another on the bottom, and just wearing it down. There are too many ways that everyone wear thier hair to go over but these are some of the common choices.

The emo clothing, alot of emo kids wear black, but don't mistake it as goth or skater cause its not even close. Alot of the shirts that emo kids wear have band names on them or some kind emo saying and yes they are tight. My favortie shirts are the ones with just a lil logo on them like a guitar or maybe cute teddy bear. The best thing to wear are pants best make sure they hug you close, closer the better and i dont think anyone is going to say diffrent. Jackets and hoodies, there are so many kinds of jackets that the emo guys can wear like a sute jacket, i dont think a emo chick has pulled that off yet but if you see a hott emo girl wearing a sute jacket and it dosent look bad let me know. Everyone wears pull over hoodies or jacket hoodies, if it dosent have the hood how are you supose to cover your face a little right? I see all kinds of hoodies and jackets tight and loose and lots of colors, some with band names and some without.

Dress's and skirts, yes emo girls do show of there legs even if they are pale guys this may or may not apply to you but there are alot of cute sexy emo dress's and skirts some with little designs on those are so cute. I like dress's that have a design on the shoulder like a skull or cherry. Hosery with the dress's and skirts fishnets or just black stockings i think girls should be able to be sexy no matter what it makes you feel good when you look good, you might not wear them all the time but showing some leg is always hott, no matter who you are or what you look like. And finally complete every outfit you have to have shoes, cute slip ons or just something super comfy, and there are girly shoes like a pair of mary janes, everygirl should have a pair beacuse they look so good with dress's or skirts while wearing a cute pair of hosery.

Emo Makeup
How to wear your makeup emo style, is eyeliner. Bring out your eyes with eyeliner black, blue, green, purple and so on. Everyone knows you can't ever wear too much eyeliner. Bring out your eyes with some eye shadow maybe two toned one color on top and another on bottom. Another cute way to wear eye shadow is to have three colors start from the inside with light color and go the the outer with darker colors. Alot of emo guys that wear eye shadow usealy do just a lil pink around the eyes but not too much. Mascara brings out your eyes alot to and makes your eye lashes look longer and fuller. If you want to bring out your cheek bones wear some blush if you dont know wear to put blush on at pinch your cheeks and just put it on wear the red shows. And to put a final touch on your beautiful face if lipgloss just a little shine is all that you need to make you lips look full and kissable.

The most important for last the accessorys we all have these, and it really brings out your individuality. The necklaces that you wear chokers, long chains with charms, and lockets, i would have to say that silver is more popular than gold. You might have a braclet that matche's your necklace or maybe just a plain braclet or watch. some of us make jewlery ourselves, and i think that it gives a person alot of personality. One more thing you can wear on your arm, arm warms they are just really long gloves without the hand part. We can dress up our hands with rings big and small real or fake. Earings can be long and dangley or just a small hoop or stud, but not everyone only has their ears periced you have alot of choices on what body jewlery you can wear too, eye brow, tounge, belly button and so much more. What you wear around your waist shows alot about you, you can get so many diffrent types of belt buckles, big and small, i know you can even get ones with bottle openers now.

Even your glass's can be emo style, most popular choice the black rectangle frams, and girls like to have the big bug eyed sun glass's. Hats, or beanies are always good to cover up a bad hair day, anything can be on a hat and all styles are emo too but i mostley see darker hats and beanies, and not the ones rappers wear. To dress up your neck a little more a scarve, tie, or bandana will do the trick, small none dress like ties are more acceptable maybe with a zipper or saftey pins and the scarves just have to be any color that matchs what you are already wearing. What you carry you things in today alot of girls have huge purses or courier bags to carry everyhting we need, small purses are usualy used for just the night out , and guys even carry bags too for there books or laptops, but you can never have to many purses.

What makes the emo fashion complete is to always wear your heart on your sleeve.

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