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Emo Poems and emotional poetry

Isn't all poetry emo? No.. What's emo poetry? Keep reading.

Emo poetry is almost an oxymoron, almost all poetry is deeply emotional and personal. A lot of very famous poets could almost be considered emo poets. Most true emo poetry deals with the writers struggles in their personal misunderstood and emotional erupt life. The poems are deeply personal and some may seem borderline poetry.

There's 100's of great emo poems you can view here on the forum.

There's no set verse structure or anything like that, emo poetry is just regular poetry but darker and very emotional. Emo poetry usually isn't about how great life is and how beautiful the flowers are... Then again, who wants to write poetry about how great life is?

I personally love reading and writing emo poetry, though I haven't posted any myself. I consider my poetry more personal and I would rather not share it with the world, but if your proud of a poem or all of the poetry you have written, it would be awesome if you shared it, because I would read it :-P I never liked writing poetry in school, but when you do it in your own time, when your full of anger and feeling totally hopeless, some really good words come out.

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