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How to Dress Emo

So you wanna dress emo? Dressing emo is fun and let's you express yourself. If your into fashion you like to try new looks on yourself and hey maybe you'll find your real inner emo in the process.

The Basic Idea
The basic idea of dressing emo is to express who you really are. To show what's inside and not just what's outside.. Okay.. Well.. It's also really hot, and really cool.
Most emo guys and girls wear their hair short and wild, and wear tight fitting clothes with usually un-symmetrial and unbalanced designs like in the photo below. Like I said, it's all about expressing yourself and wearing what you like. Not what others are really doing to like. The BEST place to get cool emo clothes is at vintage thrift stores.. Find a comfy old school hoody or sweater. Find unique clothes. Make your own. Be unique...

Talk to your friends
Have any friends that are emo.. if you want help dressing emo, get them to help you.. duh!

Get into the scene
If you want to be a scene kid, well, you need to hang out with other scene kids so you can steal their styles :-P.. Just kidding. Where I live there are some really sweet places where emo kids get together.. There's a bar downtown that has some really awesome shows and a lot of emo bands play there, so there's a cool emo crowd.. There's probably a lot of places like that in your area.. well.. if your lucky :-P.. Try to find out where it's at and surround yourself with those people.. it will help :-)

Change your hair
If you really want to dress emo, you want to change your hair. Do something wild. Do something unique. You can get ideas for your new hair style from the gallery and from talking with others on the forum who might be able to suggest something that will be really hot on you and fit your personality.. Remember.. you want to express yourself right? Do something you like :-)
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Check out the fashion galleries
Check out both the galleries below for a good idea of how to dress emo..
Emo Style
Emo Fashion
Emo Fashion related pics
Band Pictures
Band Pictures
Trust me on that one :-)

Don't hate your life just because of the way your now dressing
Just cause your trying to dress emo does not mean you need to hate your life. Most of the people I know who consider themselves as any type of emo don't hate their life, and are not suicidal. So don't hate your life unless it's worth hating.

Have fun
Okay.. Now you kind of know how to dress emo.. go have fun :-P

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